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Boot Tux® keep your jeans and pant legs from riding up and wrinkling when tucked into boots. Here’s how they work…

Fold under cuff of jeans/pants to just above your ankles.

If the fabric is loose, pull material over to one side, so it is snug against your leg.

Attach a clip to one side of your cuff, in front of your ankle, avoiding the seam.

Slip elastic under your foot and attach the second clip to the other side of your cuff.

Then…slip on your boots and enjoy!


For the best results… the elastic should be snug against your foot and the legs of your jeans/pants should be pulled tight. If not, simply adjust the length of your cuff in Step 1.

To ensure your comfort… make sure clips do not rest on your ankles.

You’ll really notice the difference… as the day goes on and your jeans/pants look just as good as when you began your day! You’ll also start noticing who’s not wearing Boot Tux®. That’s pretty fun too!!